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Golden Draogn Textiles Co., LTD.

Denim, denim fabric, denim, cotton denim

Golden Dragon of Textiles Group Company is a Hong Kong owned large modern textile enterprises, the company was founded in 1989, Tel: (852) 34211806, GDT company specializing in the production of textiles, cotton denim, Tencel denim, denim, stretch denim, woven senior denim, knitted denim and other high-end denim fabric, Hongkong is now the largest denim manufacturers one of the. The company production of GDT brand fabrics are sold at home and abroad, with a strong customer market in the world, owns a number of subsidiaries, in the domestic agent to join partners all over the various provinces and cities, are in the world leading position in all denim brands, all over the world, the company is also a large number of investment cooperation, but also welcome merchants to cooperate with our company, look forward to your call.
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Company introduction
  Established in 1989, the Golden Draogn Textile Group Co., Ltd. is a modernized and large-scale Hong Kong funded textile enterprise that involves in cotton yarn dyeing, fabric weaving and fabric afterfinish and production with「GDT」as it operation and registration trademark. The company mainly develops medium and high-grade pure cotton and elastic jean cloth. According to the trend prediction and requirements of different brand merchants from China, the United States, Europe, Japan, the design and development team communicates and develops functional jean cloth with fashionable and comfortable characteristics jointly, which brings to consumers the feelings of beauty, besides it also develops and makes customized products with special requirements for customers, helping customers to enhance the brand premium and creating consumers the cognition value, which has won praises and trusts from them.
  The company was mutually developed with diversified business mode, wi... [详细介绍]
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